Over the next few days I'm going to moving my blog over to tumblr so check there for updates. I'll be keeping this one as a kind of archive of old news
I've got some exclusive prints available from Printer of Dreams for a very limited time of only two weeks. They're A1 giclee printed in an exclusive colourway only available from PoD. Get them whilst they'll last!

 Here's an illustration (& an animated version) for Computer Arts' 'Design Matters' page.
Here's a spot illustration for Bloomberg Business Week. It's to accompany an article about a new TV show called "Beat the House".

A while back my good friend & all round awesome monger, Mr.Gauky asked me to contribute an illustration to a project he's working on called 'The War to Settle the Score'. He's asked a whole load of amazing artists to illustrate their favourite wrestler from the golden age of the WWF, with an emphasis on character interpretation, rather than portraiture. Being as I'm a huge wrestling fan, I was super excited to be involved & chose for my second favourite wrestler ever, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.
My friends at the awesome Hackney Plough asked me to illustrate a Christmas poster for them. As I'm a huge Krampus fan I thought that was the best way to go.

Here's a circus themed repeat pattern I did for the wonderful chaps at Fee Fee La Fou's Website.

So the guys at Who's Jack London managed to get my Mini redone after the crash. there's a short interview with me about the project here

I've got some prints up in offices of top advertising agency Fallon. Not sure how long they're going to be there but check them out if you happen to be attending a meeting there!

Here's some character designs I've recently done for Camden Town Brewery. They asked me to come up with some poster designs to represent their permanent beers, Gentleman's Wit, Camden Ink, Camden Hells & Camden Pale. Look out for them in your local Camden Brewery boozer.

I was super excited to team up with the awesome chaps from Who's Jack Magazine to design a skin for a Mini Cooper to be driven around various locations for London Fashion Week. The brief was 'Urban Camouflage', & I must have fulfilled it too well as someone smashed into it & wrote it off before it could be photographed properly! unfortunately we only got one picture before the crash.

I was recently comissioned by the 'Give Blood' charity to produce an illustration to promote the sense of well being from giving blood to 16-25 years old's.

I recently teamed up with the good chaps at Rosie Lee to produce a 'Welcome to London' mural for the Nike's London HQ. The brief was to include iconic Nike trainers from their archive with classic London motifs.

I was very honoured to be chosen to exhibit in the 'Selects' section of the ever awesome Pick Me Up festival. 'Pick Me Up Selects 2013 features international rising stars of the graphic arts world specially selected by an industry panel,' so it was a pretty exciting thing to be involved with. I made a whole load of new stuff for it, including toys, sculpture & a series of prints.

I wanted to give visitors an insight into my process & influences so I exhibited a selection of miscellany from my collection alongside the work that they had influenced.

I was super excited to finally have a chance to make some 3D pieces for the show as it's something I've always wanted to do. Pictured here (from left to right) are The Eyeball Shamen, The Mushroom King & Ya te-veo.

I based all the pieces in a fictional land called 'The Crystal Wood', & each illustration featured characters based on real mythological beasts such as Mothman, Sciapods & Blemmyaes, or of my own invention such as the Doppleogre  & The Squid God 

I was also selected from all the people exhibiting to illustrate a stamp for Camden Brewery, who supplied all the beers for the events throughout the festival.

I produced a series of 5 colour A2 screenprints at my studio as well as a series of A3 & A4 Risographs. There are still some of these available in my shop

I'm very excited & proud to be part of Pick Me Up this year. 'll be exhibiting (as part of the 'Pick Me Up Selects' section of the festival) a whole load of prints & handmade toys as well as a selection of miscellany from my collection. follow me on twitter & instagram from updates on my progress.
Photo by Lydia Whitmore
New Burgerac product alert! Rob Flowers x Burgerac tape available here
Hello! So as you might know already (if you've scrolled down & seen my earlier post) I did a group show at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt just before Christmas. It was an amazing experience (though loads of hard work!) & a real privilege to get to hang out & work with amazing British artists Matthew Bromley, Adam Higton, Rob Lowe, Simon Peplow, Gemma Correll & Thomas Forsyth as well as German artists Christopher Fellehner, Anke Kuhl, Jörg Mühle, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Claudia Weikert, Zuni & Kirsten von Zubinski.

As the name Pssst suggests, the show was all about secrets & unusually for MMK, it was aimed at children. I decided to produce a series of 'hidden' image posters. Each of the posters has a corresponding mask with differently coloured lenses, which when you put it on, reveals the hidden illustration.

Each print was 5ft x 7ft, so they looked pretty huge on the wall. 

My original idea was to make paper costumes (à la the awesome 1970s era Playsacks) but due to time constraints I decided to make masks instead.

The exhibition was sponsored by Kinder & they asked all the participating artists to produce an egg shaped image for a give away poster. Each artist also produced their own print for sale in the shop

The opening night was crazy! There were hundreds of kids running riot! The show was organized by the awesome Jakob Hoffman (pictured here delivering his speech - not sure what he said as it was all in German)

It was ace seeing kids (of all ages!) having fun in the masks, even if some of them had them on the wrong way round!

That's me on the left (with Theresa & Iris, my awesome helpers) posing for the German newspapers. Also Adam Higton getting masked up too.

Finally, the exhibition was featured on German news & they did a big bit on my stuff, which was awesome, obviously. You can watch it here. Also, you can read more about the show on It's Nice That & Creative Review, who have both done posts on Psst. Phew! I think that's everything.

I've Just got back from Germany where I've been crazy busy for the last month or so working some stuff for a group show with some awesome illustrators at MMK in Frankfurt. The show opening was last week & it was called Pssst! Here's a sneaky peek at my stuff for the exhibition & I'll do a bigger blog post about it soon.

MTV asked me to design them a Christmas skin for their District website, there's also an interview/profile of me on there too.
Exciting news from Flowers Towers! Top burger expert & all round awesome monger Burgerac & I have collaborated on these awesome McDonalds themed melamine trays. The 29 x 43cm melamine trays are made in the UK (not China) and are dishwasher safe and super-sturdy. When you're not using them to serve burgers and fries, they can be propped up on a shelf to display the artwork. Nice! We've only made a few and they're priced at £25 each (plus p+p) and are available, RIGHT NOW:

Price including p+p (recorded delivery)
I have a Ogon Bat 5 colour Riso print available now in my shop. The 'Golden Bat' was the first Japanese superhero & is seen here in the shadow of his arch nemesis, Dr. Nazō.

Here are some Punch & Judy themed illustrations I did to accompany a short film about history of the bulbous beaked pair, made by writer, broadcaster, fashion historian & all round peddler of awesomeness, Amber Butchart

I have a new print available in my Shop. It's a A3 5 colour Riso printed by the awesome dudes at Ditto Press. The Space Storm God can be yours for £15.

Here's an illustration I did for ESPN sporting calendar. I was asked to illustrate the Rugby Union clash between Leicester Tigers & Harlequins.

Here's some photos of my cover & feature for Anorak magazine in the flesh, I'm over the moon with how it came out!

I've been a fan and a regular contributor to the awesomeness that is Anorak Magazine for ages now, so it was very exciting & a huge honour to be asked to do the cover, welcome page, puzzle page & main feature for their 6th anniversary, circus themed 25th issue. As you probably know if you've seen any of my work before, I'm a big circus & sideshow fan so working on this series of illustrations was great fun! I'll post some photos of the mag in the flesh once I get my copy.