Details of the Burgermat dinner show hosted by the ace Burgerac have finally been released. Design Week and Urban Outfitters were kind enough to feature my McDonaldland themed contribution on their blogs. Most of my favourite characters are featured; Mayor McCheese, Officer Big Mac, the (original four-armed, milkshake stealing, evil) Grimace, the Hamburger Patch, and the milkshake volcanoes to name a few.
The show is on for one night only and is limited to 64 guests, all of whom get a delicious burger and their own placemat, (illustrated by one of the awesome artist involved) to take home. The show is on the 27th of June and A2 prints of all the works will be available from Print-Process from the 28th of June (and pre - order now).
Tickets for the show and dinner cost £40 and are available to those on the Young and Foodish  mailing list from 13 June. More info here. Flowers Towers is an state of giddy excitement over this one, it's gonna be well good!

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