Hello! So as you might know already (if you've scrolled down & seen my earlier post) I did a group show at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt just before Christmas. It was an amazing experience (though loads of hard work!) & a real privilege to get to hang out & work with amazing British artists Matthew Bromley, Adam Higton, Rob Lowe, Simon Peplow, Gemma Correll & Thomas Forsyth as well as German artists Christopher Fellehner, Anke Kuhl, Jörg Mühle, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Claudia Weikert, Zuni & Kirsten von Zubinski.

As the name Pssst suggests, the show was all about secrets & unusually for MMK, it was aimed at children. I decided to produce a series of 'hidden' image posters. Each of the posters has a corresponding mask with differently coloured lenses, which when you put it on, reveals the hidden illustration.

Each print was 5ft x 7ft, so they looked pretty huge on the wall. 

My original idea was to make paper costumes (à la the awesome 1970s era Playsacks) but due to time constraints I decided to make masks instead.

The exhibition was sponsored by Kinder & they asked all the participating artists to produce an egg shaped image for a give away poster. Each artist also produced their own print for sale in the shop

The opening night was crazy! There were hundreds of kids running riot! The show was organized by the awesome Jakob Hoffman (pictured here delivering his speech - not sure what he said as it was all in German)

It was ace seeing kids (of all ages!) having fun in the masks, even if some of them had them on the wrong way round!

That's me on the left (with Theresa & Iris, my awesome helpers) posing for the German newspapers. Also Adam Higton getting masked up too.

Finally, the exhibition was featured on German news & they did a big bit on my stuff, which was awesome, obviously. You can watch it here. Also, you can read more about the show on It's Nice That & Creative Review, who have both done posts on Psst. Phew! I think that's everything.

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